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First of all: You're awesome—seriously.

Second: Welcome to peta2!

Now that you're a peta2 member, you're officially part of the largest youth animal rights group in the world, which has its perks. You'll get to do all these great things:

* Take action on the animal issues most important to you by downloading the peta2 app [http://peta2.me/2ys3d], if you haven't already ( psst … it's FREE!)

* Find out about effective ways to help animals on—and offline [http://peta2.me/2yqed] —while earning points that you can use to buy peta2 merch [http://peta2.me/2yqee].

* Learn easy vegan recipes that your family will love on peta2's recipes page [http://peta2.me/2yqef].

* Discover how easy it is to order vegan at most chain restaurants [http://peta2.me/2yqeg], keep your dog's paws from burning on hot pavement [http://peta2.me/2yqeh], avoid buying clothing made from animals [http://peta2.me/2yqei], and do everything else cruelty-free in between.

* Make a difference [http://peta2.me/2yqej] for animals!

We're here to support your compassionate choices. Say you want to get a veggie burger served in your school cafeteria [http://peta2.me/2yqec] —we got you. Or you want to opt out of dissecting animals in class [http://peta2.me/2yqeb] —we got you. Or your parents are skeptical about your choice to go vegan, and you need help talking them [http://peta2.me/2yqea]: We. Got. You.

Don't hesitate to e-mail us at peta2@peta2.com [peta2@peta2.com] or text us* at 73822 (U.S. only) if you ever need any help helping animals. ☺

For all animals,

Michelle Feinberg


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