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The classifieds on PistonHeads is a great place to find your next car from a like-minded enthusiast or to list yours up for sale. Have you seen Shed's guide to selling your car? It’s worth a read before listing your car to make sure you’re best prepared: http://links.em.pistonheads.com/ctt?kn=13&ms=MTY0OTcyMzcS1&r=NDU2MzE5NTMwMjg3S0&b=2&j=MTI0MDkxMjM0MwS2&mt=2&rj=MTI0MDkxMjM0MgS2&rt=0

Our guide to fraud is also a helpful tool to ensure you can avoid scammers: http://links.em.pistonheads.com/ctt?kn=2&ms=MTY0OTcyMzcS1&r=NDU2MzE5NTMwMjg3S0&b=2&j=MTI0MDkxMjM0MwS2&mt=2&rj=MTI0MDkxMjM0MgS2&rt=0

If you haven’t decided on your next car yet, we’ve got a host of buying guides at your fingertips, and you may be able to afford more than you thought with our finance tool: http://www.pistonheads.com/car-finance?utm_source=PistonHeads&utm_medium=email&utm_medium=EMAIL&utm_campaign=Welcome Program&utm_content=PHDS Welcome Program Classifieds (EM2_B) (06.02.2017)::text_finance&utm_source=20180416

Still stuck? Ask the community in the forums and you’ll get a stack of advice from like-minded enthusiasts.

Browse the classifieds here: http://links.em.pistonheads.com/ctt?kn=31&ms=MTY0OTcyMzcS1&r=NDU2MzE5NTMwMjg3S0&b=2&j=MTI0MDkxMjM0MwS2&mt=2&rj=MTI0MDkxMjM0MgS2&rt=0

The PH Team.

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