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Australian-based Sales Experts weigh-in on this topic!

So much has changed in sales, it can be hard to keep up. The salesperson used to be the sole source of product information for a prospect, but now a prospect knows all about the product--and has made at least a partial buying decision--before contacting a sales rep. It is said by some that artificial intelligence is going to replace a great many sales positions and millions of jobs will be lost. And where it used to be personal, salespeople are having to cope today with selling in a virtual world. Has sales lost its way with all these changes? What does it take to succeed as a salesperson today? Find out!

Join host John Golden and our panel of experts as we dive into this vital topic.

Note the different time zones that our webinar takes place in:
Australia - November 28th at 10am AEDT.
United States - November 27th at 3pm PST.

Ian is the Founder and CEO of eccoh (http://mail.pipelinersales.com/e1t/sc2/Mm-nFbk0Sc6W7QplQP66GHmqW8c0t0g5RRJv0W5g777y6nyCZnf1CYJMH03 ) , a Sydney based sales transformation, coaching and consulting organization pioneering a movement to change the way the world thinks about sales. A passionate believer in the principles and values that connect people and allow us to achieve more together. Ian is guided by the belief that sales at its core is all about truly authentic human to human connection, and he enjoys nothing more than helping sales leaders and salespeople to navigate the fog and complexity of today’s hyper-competitive marketplace by embracing the mindsets and behaviors that result in greater success and fulfillment in sales, in business and in life.

Tony is the most read person in LinkedIn (http://mail.pipelinersales.com/e1t/sc2/Mm-nFbk0Sc6W7QplQP66GHmqW8c0t0g5RRJv0W5g777y6nyCZnf1CYJMH13 ) on B2B selling. He writes about leadership, business-to-business (B2B) strategic sales, modernized selling, and sales enabling technologies. Tony is committed to elevating sales leadership and professional selling for a Better Business World. Professional selling is undergoing massive change and the way we sell to create 'customer experience' is the most powerful point of difference in competitive markets. All business is done at the speed of trust and sellers must therefore build strong personal brands and credible networks while leading with insight and value in every conversation. The best sales results come when combining professionalism, integrity and value with technologies and tools that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of research, targeted pipeline building and execution of the sales process with effective combinations of outreach.

Alex founded Positive Scenario (http://mail.pipelinersales.com/e1t/sc2/Mm-nFbk0Sc6W7QplQP66GHmqW8c0t0g5RRJv0W5g777y6nyCZnf1CYJMH23 ) in 2016, driven by his belief happiness is the key to personal and organizational success and inspired by the findings of Shawn Achor and other thought leaders in the positive psychology field. Prior to founding Positive Scenario, Alex held many positions with Gartner the world’s leading research and advisory firm. Over 15 years with this global market leader, he held national and regional roles in Brisbane, Hong Kong and Sydney. His many achievements ranged from turning low performing businesses into recognized top performers to establishing and growing successful new businesses. Originally from the UK, Alex studied Management Sciences at Loughborough University, after which he started and ran a number of successful small businesses until he moved to Australia in 1999. In his facilitation and consulting, Alex leverages his extensive international experience and many years of leading teams to world class performance. Using scientifically proven tactics and principles he works with executives and leadership teams to enable positive cultural change that leads to major improvements in business results.

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John Golden

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