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** Want to connect to a hyper-local audience? Put your message in a Community Radio Station
The people behind India’s popular community radio stations would tell us enthralling stories, if we asked “What do you do”. Go beyond a station’s genesis and explore what they do daily is what many social enterprises want to do-and listeners want to tune in to. An HE report.
When a former journalist launched an internet radio channel for LGBT community, it made news all over the world. Was a channel dedicated to the members of the queer community, viable in India? The articles doubting the success of platform almost wrote themselves.

But it is was no laughing matter to Indians and research in to the effects of the radio suggests that platform could be ahead of the curve on this. Reports suggest that there has been a steady increase in the number of community radio stations in the country. There are over 207 community radio stations in the country, according to a list maintained by the Community Radio Facilitation Center (CRFC), a department under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

** Deep Impact
If we held a meet-and-greet with healthcare’s new foot soldiers, imagine the conversations they’d have. Why do you do CRS 1? “I broadcast healthcare programmes in local languages, so people are able to relate to me instantly,” a channel host, who might also be a member of the LGBT community might say. In fact, the profiles of hosts of these channels often vary from that of a member of the queer community to a migrant labourer. In fact, all these interesting stories aside, these stations has the potential to strengthen the developmental programmes in the country.

Some experts however caution, that no casual link between a radio station and the impact of its programmes. “Radio Active, provides a platform for people from different walks of life to voice their opinion. Our listeners are auto-drivers, members of the transgender community and people living with HIV. However, I don’t want to take credit for any impact, because, it’s often a collective effort. We have multiple partners who work with us and it’s the combined effort that has brought out change in the society,” says Pinky Chandran, Director of Radio Active, a community radio station, based in Bangalore.
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