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Dear Beneficiary,

This email serves as a notification, to inform you on the deposit of compensation funds by the FBI and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in the amount of 30 Million dollars, which will be disbursed between 50 scam victims, with each beneficiary to be paid out 600,000 USD.

You have been enrolled into this compensation scheme because your email address was found among an email database saved in a .txt format, on a computer hard drive belonging to con artists and fraudsters who were caught and are presently in the custody of the Economic and financial crimes commission (E.F.C.C),here in Benin. They will be facing prosecution at the end of the month.

It is for this reason that We believe you might have been defrauded in the past or even recently and as such, we intend on paying you the stipulated amount in our bid to improve the situation all around you after these scams have been perpetuated.

To enable the processing of your payment to you, Kindly send the following to the head of compensation payout operations with the FBI and EFCC, Christopher A. Wray at his E-mail address: customercare@whitehousegov-us.com,

Send to him your contact info below:

Full Name:
Phone number:

Contact Christopher A. Wray today with your information to enable the Head of Operations commence the processing of your payment to avoid any delay.

Ambassador JERRY WHITE{Chairman}