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Dear Wilbert,

Did you check the Load Board today?

Here are some of the latest truck requests on the Transporters Market, specially selected for you, based on your fleet and headquarters.

Tipper needed, loading point – Ra's al Khaymah
Today we have 7 active Loads on the Load Board, waiting for your offers. See all loads on www.load-me.com/search

Do you feel that the loads presented in this email are not matching your requirements?
Feel free to contact Customer Support by replying this email.They will help you get the best results on the Transporters Market.
Don't forget to check All loads available for you on the website or the android mobile application.In this email we just present a tiny sample of the available loads.

Did you know? :
1) The average waiting time for a match is 4 hours.
- hurry up and be the first to contact the load owners(and be the one with the greatest chance to get the job)
2)Load owners more often search among the offers presented on the website.If they find what they need and can reach the company fast, they award them the job instantly.
- make sure you keep your trucks and posts updated

Kind regards,
Load-Me.com Team
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