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Newsletter 14th June 2018

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Go for a walk about and discover some hidden gems ( https://www.maturetimes.co.uk/the-ramblers-new-walks-available-exclusively-to-mt-readers/ )

One of the greatest joys of heading out for a
walk is the anticipation of what you might find on the way; a
spectacular secret view, a hidden historical ruin or perfect
picnic spot. The Ramblers have some fantastic new walking routes,
featuring some incredible hidden gems to inspire people to head
out for a walk. The Ramblers is the UKs largest walkers right's
charity working to protect and expand the places people love to
walk and promote walking for health and pleasure.

Chief executive of the Ramblers, Vanessa
Griffiths, said: "Anyone who loves walking will know it's the
best way to discover the world around you – it could be an
amazing view, a quirky old building tucked down a side-street, or
simply a great new walking route. We know lots of fantastic spots
and want to share them...

Read More ( https://www.maturetimes.co.uk/the-ramblers-new-walks-available-exclusively-to-mt-readers/ )

Andrew Silk


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Top stories

Secret World Wildlife Rescue.
Giving animals a second chance ( https://www.maturetimes.co.uk/secret-world-wildlife-rescue-rescuing-and-caring-for-wildlife-casualties/ )

Many of us are keen wildlife watchers,
supporters and all round champions. You only have to look at the
success of the recent Blue Planet II series and TV programmes
such as Springwatch, Natural World and Countryfile to see just
how much the British public are interested in the world around

Sadly, our native wildlife can often suffer
from contact with roads, waterways, our pets and us, and each
year thousands of animals and birds need rescuing and veterinary
attention. Across the UK there are a large number of wildlife
charities that do a sterling job in caring for our injured
wildlife. The amount of time and dedication this work takes
shouldn't be under estimated, and it's probably fair to say...
Read more ( https://www.maturetimes.co.uk/secret-world-wildlife-rescue-rescuing-and-caring-for-wildlife-casualties/ )

Friends of the Elderly changes lives with
one-off grants scheme ( https://www.maturetimes.co.uk/friends-of-the-elderly-one-off-grants-scheme/ )

Are you an older person who finds it hard to
make ends meet? Do you know an older person who might welcome
some help with day to day living costs? If so, national charity,
Friends of the Elderly, can offer one-off grants to older people
living in England and Wales, to help relieve the stress and worry
often experienced by older people living on a low income.

These grants are to help towards utility
bills, household repairs and adaptations; the purchase of
mobility aids and the replacement of essential items that support
daily living, such as basic furniture, flooring, and household
appliances; and the cost of equipment such as tablets and
broadband to help people get and stay online. They are... Read
more ( https://www.maturetimes.co.uk/friends-of-the-elderly-one-off-grants-scheme/ )

Win a week's break on the enchanting
island of Santorini ( https://www.maturetimes.co.uk/competitions-silver-travel-advisor-win-a-weeks-break-on-the-enchanting-island-of-santorini/ )

Silver Travel Advisor is a friendly website
packed with holiday advice, travel tips, essential information
and honest reviews written by and for silver travellers (aged
over 50). It's a great place to research your UK and overseas
travel. A team of advisors are on hand to answer queries (for
free), and you can share your own experiences too.

This month's prize is especially for single
travellers - our friends at Solos Holidays are offering a week's
break at ClubSolos on the enchanting island of Santorini, flights

With 30 years travel experience, Solos
Holidays know what their guests enjoy, and this holiday is no
exception. Based on one of the most gorgeous Greek islands,
think... Read more ( https://www.maturetimes.co.uk/competitions-silver-travel-advisor-win-a-weeks-break-on-the-enchanting-island-of-santorini/ )



The forgotten women of the WW2 shipyards ( https://www.maturetimes.co.uk/nancy-revell-shipyard-girls-in-love/ )

An author has released her fourth novel in a
best-selling series, honouring the women who stepped into the
breach to keep the shipyards working during the war. Inspired by
the 700 women who were employed in the Wearside yards at the
height of the Second World War, Nancy Revell set about creating
her Shipyard Girls series that has captured the imaginations of

The 49-year-old former journalist felt so
strongly about the contribution these women made to the war
effort – and the lack of any kind of recognition these women have
had - that she created fictional characters based on the real
female shipyard workers. Nancy Revell, from Sunderland, said...

Click here to read more ( https://www.maturetimes.co.uk/nancy-revell-shipyard-girls-in-love/ )

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