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The News
Gender pay gap mayhem, A&O's Weinstein headache and yet another tale of grabby partners. But before all that, get yourself a felt-tip tache like the Glamorous Solicitor.
The Headlines
Skadden lawyer jailed for lies
Firms fail consistency test on gender pay gap
Exclusive: Associate marched off premises after partner tried to snog her
A&O partner faces down MPs over Weinstein gag work
Hackers expose firm's ransomed data
Beano tells Rees-Mogg to cease & desist
Picks from the Discussion Board
Is this house lovely or slightly creepy?
A tale of two hams
Piano buying and playing
Bojo or Khan?
RIP Eric Bristow
Mostly nice jokes
One of the happiest vids (golf)
The 30 most 'swiped right' people on Tinder...
Featured Firm
This week's featured firm is Baker McKenzie We say: "Traditionally been thought of as one of the most 'British' of the US firms at which to work in the UK".  You say: "Culture is relaxed and friendly" but "we need to either refurb [the office] or move sharpish".
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