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Good Morning Genevieve,
You know as well as I do: The lessons you can learn from hearing just one company’s story are invaluable.

Telstra has seven different business units in 20 countries with 9,000 payees. Now THAT is a complex sales compensation riddle.

I’d like to personally invite you to our can’t-miss webinar ( https://brighttalk.rsvp1.com/s1abbapTRbkH ) this morning at 9 am PT, March 14, in which Telstra will be sharing their story of how they use CallidusCloud Commissions to glean better insights from their data, drive winning global sales behaviors, improve forecast accuracy, sell more and faster, and reduce risk for their massively complex sales force.

And if you can't make it, don't worry. Register ( http://www.brighttalk.rsvp1.com/s16b7bpTRbkI ) anyway and I’ll make sure you receive the webinar recording after the event.
Best regards,
Andres Botero, CMO CallidusCloud
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