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Attention: Email Owner,


Compliments of the season? This is to inform you that after the recent United Nations Executive General Assembly Meeting in New York, our

office has been appointed to pay all delay and mishandling transaction originated from Africa, Asia, Arab, Europe and America.


However, yesterday we received a payment credit instruction from the World Bank to release funds to you from their reserve account with us.


Moreover, base on World Bank instruction according to the United Nations report, your e-mail address was in the list submitted by their

e-mail electronic diversity monitoring team observers and we have try to contact you but your email bounce back.


Therefore, you are required to provide the followings details below for proper procedures.


1. Your Full name

2. Your Present address.:

3. Your Direct Tel number.:

4. Attachment Any Form of your identification.


Please do provide the above information accurately, because this office cannot afford to be held liable for any wrong transfer of funds

or liability of funds credited into a ghost account.


We hope you find this improvement useful.


Yours in Service,


David James Jr.

For: The Management.

Financial Conduct Authority Online Coordinator.