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My Instant Cash Strategy is an instant cash paying business that I

use to generate daily income. The commissions are $250, $500, and $1000.

Once I make a sale, I take half of my commission and buy traffic with the

other half going in my pocket.

That half that goes in my pocket, I divide up into 4 parts.

70% goes for personal use (and a bit for taxes).

The remaining 30% is divided up into 10% increments.

10% gets given away (charity, homeless, etc)

10% gets saved (in the form of gold or silver)

10% gets invested (the funny thing is I still invest it in gold, silver,

and cryptocurrency mining)

Check out how I essentially accomplish the last 2

RIGHT at this link here


Grab your free account and then get a hold of me!

Rob Fraser

1234 Chasin St.
Oceanside California 92056

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