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Nebraska Republican Party

Yesterday, 137,144 Nebraskans cast their primary ballots
for Governor Pete Ricketts.

CONTACT: Kenny Zoeller
Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Executive Director


Ricketts Enters General Election
With 83,000-Vote Advantage Over Krist

Lincoln, NE - Yesterday, 137,144
Nebraskans cast their primary ballots for Governor Pete Ricketts.
Democrat gubernatorial candidate Bob Krist only managed to
attract 53,777 votes, placing Krist at an 83,367-vote
disadvantage moving into the November general election. This gap
not only dwarfs Krist's primary vote count, but is also nearly as
large as the total number of Democrat primary ballots cast for
governor (only 89,670).

"The numbers speak louder than
Bob Krist's lies," said NEGOP Executive Director Kenny Zoeller.
"Last night, voters demonstrated their overwhelming support for
Governor Ricketts' record of results and his vision for a
growing, more prosperous Nebraska. Once again, Bob Krist and his
'all hat, no cattle' campaign came up short."


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