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Today's Articles to Share Brought to You by Melissa MacdonellHome Foundations And Why Material MattersThe typical single-family home can weigh anywhere from 80,000 to 160,000 pounds. Foundations provide a solid base for a home's weight, help to ensure the house stays level and provides a base for construction to take place. Foundations matter, and so does the material that they're made of. Here's a closer look at both, starting with materials and why they matter...READ MOREPost to Social Media: Is Your Millennial Real Estate Game Lacking?Maybe it's time to adjust your strategy.
"They have to give up their coffee three times a week."
"They need to keep their car until it's paid off and then continue to drive it for years."
"If they really want to buy a house, they need to change their lifestyle...READ MOREPost to Social Media: Thanks,Melissa MacdonellSeymore and Hawks GmbH428 2397quintonewan@hidebox.orgrealtytimes.comTo immediately unsubscribe from Daily Headlines, Click Here.