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Dear Beneficiary

Your payment file 68c with a contract / inheritance code :
NNPC/FGN/PED/2929 was forwarded to my desk by the committee Federal
Ministry of Finances as one of the foreign beneficiary who has not
receive their contract/inheritance approved payment of US$10.5 Million

Based on the meeting held today 16th May with the Accountant General
of Federation in the office of the Governor Africa Development Bank,
we discovered this is a long time fund which was suppose to be paid to
you by the past officer occupying this position which never happened
rather they tried to divert your fund through the back door
into their account abroad which was not successfully as a result of
the alert placed in the escrow account where your fund was deposited.

Now that we have come to the first quarter of the year 2018, The
President in conjunction with all agency in charge of financial matter
has given all commercial bank the mandate to effect this transfer into
your bank before the bank deadline of the year.

As it stands now, all arrangement to enable the release of the fund to
you via bank to bank transfer with all important classical documents
that authenticate the originality and legality of the fund transfer in
your names will be issued to you and forwarded to you as bank as a
proof to show that you have met with all local and international
obligation to receive this fund as the beneficiary.

Forthwith, you are expected to reconfirm your full name, address and
telephone number for immediate verification and registration of your
information into the central computer data base for endorsement of
your fund transfer.

Thanks, I hope to put an end to your night mare in pursue of this transaction.

Mrs Naadu Mills