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Dear Good days.   We are the professional supplier for balustrade & staircase with good quality and competitive price. For our U channel frameless glass railing, we have many advantages:  ①We use plastic seal to install the glass,  while other facoty use rubber seal(It is tender and unstable.) and this is our own design, having the patent. ②The material of aluminium alloy which we use is 6063-T6, while other factories use 6063-T5.(T6 is harder than T5)
③We use oxidation treatment on the surface, has 15μm thickness, it is effectively to prevent the surface oxidation corrosion. While other factories only use 8-10μm.  Please kindly contact us if you have any interests.Best regards
Thanks and regards, Alex LauHousing Industry Co.,Ltd
--Railing, Stair, Shower Door --High end quality customized railing supplier for North America&Europe Market --Railing supplier of 2nd biggest builder in the world---French Bouygues Group