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NETCCA Electrical Power (China) Co. Ltd., is professional on manufacturing, Products are mainly exported to the United States, Japan, Russia, Pakistan, Britain, Germany, India, South Korea, Brazil, France, Ireland, and many other countries。 
Advantages and Characteristics :
1. Stable quality, product consistency, complete after-sales service.
2. Price Advantages:
Solar Inverter :12V2KW  159usd ,48V5KW  300usd,  30KVA 2300usd
Sinewave ups : 1KVAVA  57usd, 10KVA  500usd   
Online ups : 2KVA with battery 166usd , without battery 148usd
Welcome to inquiry and have sample, look forward to sincere cooperation.
Don’t hesitate to contact us: WhatsApp:+86-13702653665