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We are the supplier for high quality waterproofing material which providing structural reinforcement, leak repair, and corrosion prevention for commercial and industrial pipes.
Great For Waterproof :

?Indoor and outdoor cement concrete structure, mortar masonry structure of metope, ground;
?Toilet, bathroom, kitchen, floor, floor, balcony, pool, pool face and metope;
?Used in paving stone, ceramic tile, floor, wall paper, gypsum board before the bottom processing, to prevent the effect of moisture and salt pollution
Great For:
?Pipeline Integrity
?Leak Repairing, Structural Reinforcement,corrosion prevention
?Transmission and distribution pipelines
?Oil,Gas,Steam,Water Pipes
?Copper Pipe,PVC Pipe,Polypipe,Metal Pipe etc
?Girth welds on vessels and pipelines
?straights,elbows,tees,and flanges
?Process pipling:chemicals,oil,gases,water and steam
?Atmospheric corrosion,Sunshine Corrosion,UV Corrosion,Rain Corrosion,Alkaline Corrosion,Sea Water Corrosion and Underground Corrosion.

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