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Hello friend
We are PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen ,China .
We export PCB to all over the world  more than 10 years , they  satisfied with our quality and service .
We do all kinds of PCB ,  FR4, Aluminum ,Rogers, Taconic series,Arlon series、Nelco series, Flex .... Our strong ability :  1~30 layer ,  blind and buried hole ,HDI, Impedance control , plug via hole with resin , countersink hole...
Our advantage:  1:  no any set up cost for repeat order ,  no MOV and MOQ2:  good quality as we have very strictly quality department3: short production time as we are running on two shifts   Best Regards
Andy YangFASTECH PCB LIMITED Tel:+86-0755-29084010 Fax:+86-0755-29084011
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