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Hello sir !
This is Kevin from Weifang Weiyi Combustion engine Power Co.,Ltd.Manufacturer of gas generator set.we know you from your company website.Hope this email finds very well.
As a one of leading manufacturer of gas generator in China,we can supply you-
Natural gas generator and biogas generator:
Yangdong brand: 
Lovol brand(Perkins engine technology):
VMAN brand(MAN engine technology):
CNHTC brand:
Our gas generator set can meet your requirements for the biogas and natural gas project and you can use it in the oil field.There are many Chinese oil fields using our gas generator set, like Sinopec Company and CNPC company.
If you interested it and upon receipt of your feedback, we will update you more relevant proposals and working videos for your options.
Looking forward to your reply aspa.
Best wishes