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Hi Dear,
This is Ben from Dongguan Fasten Mold Co.,Ltd. We are a professional high-tech enterprise which is specialized in design and manufacturing of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy die cast mold and plastic injection mold. We can design and produce injection mold and die-casting mold, also can provide final plastic injection products and die-casting hardware products.We have advanced mold workshop and full equipped machines, high mold design technical level and strong quality control system with computer aided design software, more than twenty skilled mold manufacturing artisans and technicians, more than five experienced design engineers. Our production capacity of Mold manufacturing can reach more than 500 sets every year.
We can design and produce the injection mold for you. Also if need, we can provide injection machine service.Now you send us your drawing of your product, format is .stp, or you send your complete set of samples us, we make data scanning. We will quote mold cost and products prices for you.In addition, you gave us one size only, the quoting is not exact, and we also need to know the structure, material, and requirement for finishing, working difficulty and so on.
Thank you for sending your drawing, before we quote for you, we need make clear below questions.1. What is Fabricated Material for the molding, and also you can advise us what the steel material is.2. What is the allowed tolerance?3. Do you have other requirement such as surface treatment?4. For products quote, also please advise us your demand Quantity. Our prices are based on different order quantity.
We will quote products based on 5000Pcs, but for one set of mold, could you forecast your future demand quantity, we will consider how many cavities we design in one set of mold. Or you give us any suggestion about mold design and cavities number for every mold. Thank you.
After you confirmed quotation, we will design and modify the drawing follow our molding experience. Then we will send the final products drawing for your approval. If you confirmed this, we will design mold and order material to make the mold.If you have any other problems, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for your cooperation.Looking forward to your comments.
Best Regards!Bentel:+86-769-83065512     Mob:+8613302691180(Wechat)