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Dear manager,

Shenzhen Swaroniki Technology Co., here !

We independently developed a handheld printer with good quality, which is widely used and is popular throughout various markets.
Our handheld inkjet printer can 360° full print on all kinds of materials,such as pipe, plastic, aluminum foil, stone, medium fiber board, light steel keel, etc.

So Print what?

They can be company name, number, symbol, qr code, bar code, also can be Advertisement, picture, time, counter, date, counter, and so on.
Our price is very competitive.

Contact me if you need, let’s talk details. Or forward this email to whom interested.

Warm regards,
Sara shen
Adress:Level 5, Caifugang Building, Baoyuan Rd,Bao'an CBD,Shenzhen, China