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Dear friend,

This seal tag machine can make 3000-7000 pcs of seal tags per hour automatically.
It can work 7(days)*24(hours) if you like.
One worker can charge 3-4 sets of machines as well as make packing.
You will save a lot of labour cost compared that you have to pay 1 worker per machine per shift now.
We have 20+ years experience in making tags.
We can provide technical instruction to you if you are new.
Lead time is 20 days.

May you Happy everyday!

Sophia Liu(Ms.Liu)
Sales Manager
Dongguan Hommar Hardware Co.,Ltd.
Add:No.5,Gangxia South Street,Xiabian District,
Chang An Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province, 523850,P.R. of China