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Technology has created a lot of opportunities in Africa.
Connectivity, disaggregation of information and enabling

A boy in Kano now has access to more information than was
available at Harvard University 40 years ago. Erik Osiakwan says
that entrepreneurs, not government made this happen.

And they'll do more.

He believed that African entrepreneurs will shape the future by
creating their own technology. From digital connectivity to

Erik is an entrepreneur, investor and a consultant for The World
Bank. He has worked in 32 African countries setting up high-tech

You can listen to his conversation with me in the latest podcast.

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This is not a free workshop. There are lots of 'free' information
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We've had significant interests so far. However, not everyone
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PS. Building The Future Podcast Season 2 is in partnership with
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British Council is the UK’s international organisation for
cultural relations and educational opportunities.

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