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Sorry, but today, Your fellow affiliate Darren Walker just helped me make my decision but totslly screwed it up for you on the $99 deal,

You better thank him.

He facebooked me saying "Unsubscribe me! Too pushy and not enough depth of feeling. All ego".

And he don't even gives me his username so I can find his account and delete it, so Darren Walker will eeceive this email too, lol.

Lol, telling a guy that labels himself "I AM NOBODY" on his social profiles like facebook and calls himself a dumbass regularily is "All ego"?

What an arrogant prick.

That's the kind of broke people attitude I won't stand, many poor people have a chip on their shoulder and an underlaying hate towards people with money.

Talk about biting the hand that is trying to feed you huh?

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, I felt like maybe stop offering you my $99 for $280,000 worth of product and to upgeade to be geandfathered in, remember?

Well, Darren Walker just nailed the last nail on the coffin

I reserved my right to kill this deal at my discration and I am killing it tonight.

But I am inthe city, it will be late night by the time I get to my farm, so if you upgrade now and your account is upgraded when I click THE CANCEL THE $99 OFFER BUTTON then I wiill honor my promise and grandfather you in

With that said, below is a copy of yesterday email so that you knw what I am babbling about,

Don't be a Darren Walker, upgrade now at https://dariobusch.com/upgrade/


This is my first notice that I may change my mind at any time because I just thought about going back to the $5,000 price for Super High Intensity Training and $25,000 for personalized 1 on 1 coaching and

I thought about focusing on coaching eReal Estate Agents and Real Estate Investors EXCLUSIVELLY, and you IF you are grandfathered in, and I like it.

So if you take me up on my silly $99/month offer below then I will grandfather you in, capisce?

In case you forgot my one o