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** Dear RAF Members:
Below is the 2018-2019 board slate, which has been approved by the RAF Board of Directors to fill vacancies on the Board. Please vote on the slate by responding “yes” or “no” to this email. All responses must be received by midnight on June 22nd, 2018 to be represented in the official vote. Only one vote per member is necessary.

Please note that where there is an “X”, this indicates that this person is serving an existing term and therefore, no vote is necessary at this time with respect to their continuing Board position. Where there is a “R”, this means their term is up and they are seeking re-election (either in the same role or a new role). Where there is an “N”, this means they are seeking to be added to the Board for the first time.
Kelly Chapman
(Partners + Napier) President N
Aaron Lattanzio
(Causewave) First Vice President N
Chelsea Wagner
(Partners + Napier) VP Secretary N
Rich Pulvino
(ESL Federal Credit Union) VP of Finance X
Nicole Henry
(Butler/Till) VP of Membership X
TBD Events Co-Chair N
Matt D’Angelo
(Martino Flynn) Events Co-Chair R
Mary Bonomo
(Martin Group) Education Co-Chair N
Carly Gates
(Butler/Till) Education Co-Chair N
Nick Vernetti
(Dixon Schwabl) Creative Co-Chair N
Lissa Mathis
(Freelance) Creative Co-Chair X
Colleen Condon
(JAY) Web Chair N
Rachel Pulvino
(Visit Rochester) PR Chair N
Jill Duff
(Helen & Gertrude) Social Co-Chair N
Alyssa Davis
(Truth Collective) Social Co-Chair N
Aaron Gordon
(Optic Sky Productions) Content Co-Chair R
James Ashbery
(Dixon Schwabl) Content Co-Chair R
James Farley
(Northwestern Mutual) 20 Minutes and a Beer (20MAAB) Chair X
Claire Malbouef
(Partners + Napier) ADDY Co-Chair N
Jess Santilli
(Partners + Napier) ADDY Co-Chair N
Bob Charboneau
(Dixon Schwabl) Immediate Past President N

Please contact ** president@rafconnect.org (mailto:president@rafconnect.org?subject=Annual%20Members%20Meeting%20Notice%20and%20Board%20Slate)
or ** membership@rafconnect.org (mailto:membership@rafconnect.org?subject=Annual%20Members%20Meeting%20Notice%20and%20Board%20Slate)
with any questions.

Thank you for your attention to these details and for all you do to keep our creative community thriving!

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Trouble reading? View an ** online version. (https://mailchi.mp/rafconnect/raf-member-news-annual-members-meeting-notice-and-board-slate-945381?e=d8071b72a5)