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Despicable vehemently anti-landlord Guardian article
The Guardian has sunk to new lows this week with the publication of the most vehemently anti-landlord article, by Rhik Samadder (such an expert in the field that none of us have ever heard of him), that I have ever seen published by a national newspaper.

Is it worth converting BTL into Holiday Let for CGT?
I am planning to sell at least 25 properties pre the full roll out of s24 and wonder if there is any benefit to changing those that I can, into holiday let’s for a while?
I pay 28% if I sell one now

My patience is being tested – Should I evict?
I currently have a problem with a tenant who has been with me for over 7 years in a HMO renting out a room on an individual AST.
He notified me and the agent that manages the property at the end of February that he has run into financial hardship having lost his job.

Ltd Company interest on Directors loan?
Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this as I am not finding much on the web and there seems to be different ideas about CT61 forms.
I am about to ( July 18 ) clear the mortgage across my 6 flats which I have had in a ltd company since 2005.

Utilities liability – no contract?
Do I need to pay the standing charge for electricity on an empty BTL when the previous tenant changed it without my permission and they do not have a contract with me.
It has never happened before. I told them by phone I did not want their service.

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