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Teledata Comunications And EnableSoft Partner To Streamline LOS-To-Core
For a financial institution wanting to integrate its loan origination
system (LOS) with its core platform, the endeavor can be both expensive and
time-consuming. The core-provided connectors and APIs typically needed to
push data from the LOS to the core can devour both programming hours and
dollars. [3]more...


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This “Most Outrageously Fun” networking event will take place at Detroit’s
PUNCH BOWL SOCIAL, which describes itself as the place for people to come
and be themselves. Punch Bowl Social has stocked its place with a
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Data Security: What Every Mortgage Professional Needs To Know


Mention data security to a mortgage executive and it’s enough to make them
squirm. You can’t open a newspaper without reading about a security breach,
even from some of the world’s most avantgarde technology companies. Data is
the heartbeat of the mortgage industry. Protecting it should be the
priority for all organizations, no matter their size. And it’s time to size
up to the reality that the conventional methods of security are no longer
sufficient. [9]more...

Today's Lending Insight

We take you beyond the news.

In this issue:


Mike Ponce of LERETA details how an educated consumer complains less.

Joe Melendez of ValueInsured talks about the state of mortgage lending

Michael Hammond of NexLevel Advisors points out how to motivate your team.

Adam Batayeh of Lodasoft details how customer satisfaction can make or
break a mortgage lender.
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Tomorrow's Mortgage Executive

The Place For Visionaries And Thought Leaders

This monthly magazine was created to give the industry a voice. In doing so
this publication tackles a lot of issues plaguing mortgage lending today
such as:


* Chris Anderson of MCT details how secondary marketing can be
* Famed consultant Rebecca Walzak talks about the pros and cons of AI.
* Kelcey T. Brown of WebMax points out how lenders can be smarter about
their POS.
* Michael L. Riddle of MRG details how compliance can be cost effective.

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