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ORHub, An Advanced Surgical Software Provider: Interview with Colt Melby, Chairman & CEO

[ORHub, An Advanced Surgical Software Provider: Interview with Colt Melby, Chairman & CEO](https://www.medgadget.com?mailpoet_router&endpoint=track&action=click&data=WyIyNTgzOSIsIjU4MjFmYiIsIjM2NiIsIjc2Mzg5Y2MyZTVlNiIsZmFsc2Vd)

Categories: Exclusive, Informatics, Medicine, Public Health, Society

ORHub is a HIPAA compliant, physician-driven digital software company focused on improving profitability and the cost effectiveness of hospitals through real-time smart data and analytics. ORHub provides a cloud-based software solution that captures information before, during, and after surgery, filling a void in the current surgical information infrastructure and providing a method to capture and measure the surgical process: evolving …

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Device Delivers Drugs Direct to Heart to Help Recover from Heart Attacks

[Device Delivers Drugs Direct to Heart to Help Recover from Heart Attacks](https://www.medgadget.com?mailpoet_router&endpoint=track&action=click&data=WyIyNTgzOSIsIjU4MjFmYiIsIjM2NiIsIjRjZWNkZGMzMmQzMyIsZmFsc2Vd)

Categories: Cardiology, Genetics, Medicine

A team of researchers from the U.S. and Ireland have developed a device that can be used to deliver drugs directly to a damaged region of the heart. The capability has the potential to provide a direct therapeutic option to guide how the heart recovers following a heart attack, leading to improved cardiac function. As Ellen Roche, one of the …

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Thermoresponsive Hydrogel Bandage Conforms to Wound Shape and Stimulates Healing

[Thermoresponsive Hydrogel Bandage Conforms to Wound Shape and Stimulates Healing](https://www.medgadget.com?mailpoet_router&endpoint=track&action=click&data=WyIyNTgzOSIsIjU4MjFmYiIsIjM2NiIsImIwMzhiOWVhYTlhZCIsZmFsc2Vd)

Categories: Materials, Plastic Surgery, Surgery

Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a thermoresponsive hydrogel bandage. The hydrogel is liquid at room temperature, but changes into a semi-solid gel at body temperature when in contact with a wound, meaning it conforms to the wound shape. The gel contains an amino acid sequence that stimulates the body’s own healing process. The researchers hope that the advanced dressing …

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First High Intensity Focused Ultrasound System for Prostate Ablation Cleared in U.S.

[First High Intensity Focused Ultrasound System for Prostate Ablation Cleared in U.S.](https://www.medgadget.com?mailpoet_router&endpoint=track&action=click&data=WyIyNTgzOSIsIjU4MjFmYiIsIjM2NiIsIjQzZmU2N2M3YmQ0YSIsZmFsc2Vd)

Categories: Radiology, Urology

EDAP, based in Lyon, France, now has FDA clearance to bring to the U.S. its Focal One high intensity focused ultrasound system. It's used to ablate prostate tissue in a non-invasive way, relying on sound waves to resonate tissue apart at the cellular level. A urologist, using the system, combines imagery from previously obtained MRI scans and 3D biopsy data, …

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Personalized Physical Therapy at Home Using Real Specialists and 3D Camera

[Personalized Physical Therapy at Home Using Real Specialists and 3D Camera](https://www.medgadget.com?mailpoet_router&endpoint=track&action=click&data=WyIyNTgzOSIsIjU4MjFmYiIsIjM2NiIsImMzMzhkNTYxODkxMyIsZmFsc2Vd)

Categories: Orthopedic Surgery, Rehab

Artificial hip and knee replacements require quite a bit of physical therapy post surgery to achieve the desired results. In many places and for many people, a rehab clinic may be too far away or time too short to receive regular therapy. At home exercises, even using virtual coaches, are helpful but they probably can't be as motivating or effective …

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Automatic Robot Draws Blood, Performs Hematology Analysis

[Automatic Robot Draws Blood, Performs Hematology Analysis](https://www.medgadget.com?mailpoet_router&endpoint=track&action=click&data=WyIyNTgzOSIsIjU4MjFmYiIsIjM2NiIsIjAwZDc0NDdiZGQ5ZSIsZmFsc2Vd)

Categories: Cardiology, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Medicine, Pathology, Pediatrics

Rutgers University researchers have created a desktop system that can automatically take patient blood samples (robotic phlebotomy) and process them without any human intervention. Making such technology available for hospitals and clinics may have significant consequences, as blood draws are the most common clinical procedures. Though they may seem simple from the patient's perspective, they're often challenging to perform and …

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Smart Med Reminder System's Electronic Vial Caps Improve Compliance

[Smart Med Reminder System's Electronic Vial Caps Improve Compliance](https://www.medgadget.com?mailpoet_router&endpoint=track&action=click&data=WyIyNTgzOSIsIjU4MjFmYiIsIjM2NiIsImY3ZWU5OTRlOWJkZSIsZmFsc2Vd)

Categories: Geriatrics, Medicine, Pediatrics

Concordance Healthcare Solutions, a company affiliated with Purdue University, has developed a medication compliance product that reminds users to take their pills and monitors how they are doing. The Smart Med Reminder system includes electronic caps that fit standard prescription drug bottles, a smartphone app that communicates with the caps, and an online cloud platform that keeps tabs on drug …

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