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Well Hello, Ariel,

​​​​I just returned from a weekend with my grade school besties or my YaYas as I like to call them.

All I can say is...thank goodness for true friends!

There is something special about the fact that friends are the people you choose to have in your life. Take a moment to reflect on your own friendships and some of your favorite memories. Whether it’s laughing until you cry or having adventures together, friends are the tribe we create for ourselves.

BFFs since the Nixon Era ;) But not all friendships create fun adventures or joyful memories.

Some friendships can actually be a source of pain, strain, and stress. Do you have friends who make you feel bad? Who expect your undivided attention and loyalty but do not provide that in return? Or who are not there for you when you need them? Any relationship that becomes a source of pain or creates stress on a regular basis can be considered unhealthy for sure and potentially toxic.

There are many reasons you stay in unhealthy or unsatisfying friendships. Sometimes it’s a shared history that makes you stay, or the negative behavior seemed to happen slowly over time so it’s hard to even determine when the friendship went from enjoyable to stress provoking.

There are a few common characteristics of toxic friendships that I have observed in my psychotherapy practice and experienced in my own life. If you are feeling like you might need to re-evaluate some relationships, here is a good starting point. Ask yourself if the friend in question is insensitive to your feelings, takes advantage of your kindness or does not make themselves available when you need them.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you might want to dig a little deeper to determine your next right action. Since female friendships can be complicated for an array of reasons, and so many of you have written to me ask me to help you figure out how to break through to make a deeper connection in current friendships or break up with toxic or dysfunctional friends, I decided to create a workshop, just for you!

To make sure I created relevant strategies and tools, I executed a survey prior to building the workshop and here’s what it revealed. The top 5 things you said you wanted from me are: 1. A step by step strategy to determine if your friendships are healthy or not 2. A tool to reveal what part of the problem is YOU + what is them 3. Scripts for conflict resolution, conversation strategies + learning how to negotiate for your needs or prioritize your preferences in your friendships 4. Strategy for how to end or phase out a friendship that you know is toxic or that you’ve outgrown

5. How to attract + maintain deeper friendships to build your own, High Vibe Tribe.

You asked for it...you got it!

My live workshop, Friendship Breakthrough (or Break Up) Guide - Where You Will Learn to Discern, is happening on May 22nd at 6pm EST.

Because not everyone should have an All Access Pass to your amazing life...and when you learn to discern...they won’t.

Click Here to Register + for more Details (<http://terricole.ontraport.com/c/s/UFz/8Hp9/6/Ku/jcj/61tmtS/u382Jxuwy/P/P>)

Love love love, Terri & Team TC
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