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Hey ,

As promised, today I'm giving you a direct link to get my brand

**11-Point Perfect Sales Funnel Checklist**

I really enjoyed putting this together.

(The front-page cover art is my favorite, as you'll see)

It's night and day compared to the "old" (original) version.

Here's what you'll get when you click to download it:


**First**, it's simple. There are 11 components to having a sales
funnel that maximizes leads and $, while minimizing leaks.


**Second**, I've been creating successful online sales funnels for
over ten years. Other than my experience, each tip is backed up by
credible research.


**Third**, I wanted to over-deliver for you, so I actually created two
unique versions of the checklist...

**Quick heads-up: you only want to click one (1) of the links below.**

One version is personalized to you if you sell


Click here to get instant access to the Sales Funnel Checklist for

The other version is tailored to you if you sell


Click here to get instant access to the Sales Funnel Checklist for

Why should you only click one link?

Well, I knew that the checklist would inspire a lot of questions from

For example:

**"How do I actually come up with my first high converting lead magnet

To make it easy for you to take action and see results fast, I created a

**free, bite-sized videos** to go with it.

I'll send you those in the next email, depending on which link you

Those short bonus videos are also tailored to your type of business and
I want to make sure you get the

**right** content.

The last thing you need to know is that the direct link to download your
Funnel Checklist is expiring

**tomorrow night.**

If you miss the deadline, you can still get access to it, but you'll
have to go back to the website and go through the opt-in process.

I set up the link here so that it's super "1-click" convenient for
you, it save you some time, and you don't get any duplicate emails.

Keep hustlin', stay focused,

**PS** - There are some really important differences in the way you sell
products vs. services with an online sales funnel.

Tell me which kind of business you are by clicking on one of the links
above. And let's make your digital growth engine a reality :-)




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