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Post : Waterfront Shores gets approval to develop community, shops, cafes at Pier 8
URL : http://globalnews.ca/news/4273218/waterfront-shores-gets-approval-to-develop-community-shops-cafes-at-pier-8/
Posted : June 13, 2018 at 8:45 pm
Author : kenmannchml
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City Council has given final approval to Waterfront Shores as the consortium that will design and build a 1,300 home community, along with shops and cafes, at Pier 8.

Under the terms of the project, five per cent will be affordable units, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

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There has been some criticism of that number as too small within the community, but Ward 5's Chad Collins stresses that the current Hamilton City Council has done more for affordable housing than any other since the 1970's.

Collins listed off nine affordable housing projects throughout the city that are in either the construction, planning or design stage, under the umbrella of CityHousing Hamilton.

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Bruce Kuwubara, born and raised in Hamilton's north end, is Waterfront Shores' lead architect.

He has spoken about the consortium's vision for a compact, walkable neighbourhood at Pier 8 where "all roads lead to the water."


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