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Post : Update on next weeks weather.
URL : https://cannockchaseweather.co.uk/update-on-next-weeks-weather/
Posted : January 13, 2018 at 5:36 pm
Author : Steve Hopley

Just a quick update on next weeks weather. This is not meant to be a forecast but it's what I can see happening at this time of writing this outlook. I would think it will be Monday before I can really pin this down and write a forecast.

Monday is looking very wet and breezy temperatures around 9 centigrade.  Showers during the evening, turning wintry overnight. Tuesday very breezy at its looking like we will see a lot of wintry showers. Wednesday, very breezy with a few wintry showers. Thursday, breezy with a lot of heavy rain, turning wintry. Friday is looking mainly dry feeling chilly.

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