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Post : Trans Mountain pipeline doesn’t have to follow Burnaby bylaws, can start work now: NEB
URL : http://globalnews.ca/news/3903712/trans-mountain-pipeline-doesnt-have-to-follow-burnaby-bylaws-can-start-work-now-neb/
Posted : December 7, 2017 at 5:16 pm
Author : jesserferreras
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The National Energy Board (NEB) has ruled in favour of the Trans Mountain pipeline, saying the company pushing the project does not have to comply with two sections of the City of Burnaby's bylaws.

The sections had required Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC to have preliminary plans and tree-cutting permits for project-related work approved by the city, said a Thursday news release.

Trans Mountain had raised constitutional questions about those bylaws, saying they don't apply to work that the company planned to undertake at its Burnaby Terminal, its Westridge Marine Terminal, and at a temporary worksite.

With the decision in place, Trans Mountain can go ahead and start work at those sites.

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The $7.4-billion project will expand an existing 1,150-kilometre pipeline between Edmonton and Burnaby.


The proposal was first put forward in 2013.

The National Energy Board (NEB) approved the expansion in 2016, subject to 157 conditions.

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The project will involve 980 kilometres of new pipeline, 12 new pump stations and 20 new tanks.

The new line will carry heavier oil, known as bitumen, diluted with a chemical condensate and pump close to 900,000 barrels a day. This would almost triple its current capacity.

The pipeline proposal has prompted opposition from environmentalists, First Nations, and the British Columbia’s NDP government.

~With files from The Canadian Press

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