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Post : Police: Penn. man with revoked license to carry arrested in Boston on firearm-related charges
URL : http://whdh.com/news/police-penn-man-with-revoked-license-to-carry-arrested-in-boston-on-firearm-related-charges/
Posted : June 14, 2018 at 6:48 am
Author : Brooke Coupal
Categories : Local, Metro Boston, News

A Pennsylvania man with a revoked license to carry was arrested in Boston Wednesday after police found a gun and ammunition in his bag, police said.

A security guard in the area of 39 Boylston Street told officers around noon that a man had attempted to enter the facility with a loaded firearm in his waistband, as well as several magazines and a box of ammunition in a duffel bag.

The man allegedly gave the guard a Penn. license to carry identification. The guard advised him that guns were not allowed in the facility, so the man left, saying that he would return later, police said.

Officers identified the man as 23-year-old Robert Goodson of Etna, Penn., based on the ID that the guard had inspected and photographed. Goodson's license to carry had been revoked one week before, police said.

On Wednesday morning, the security guard called the police, saying that Goodson had returned and was using the facility, but was not armed or in possession of the bag containing the ammunition.

After several hours of investigation, Boston police said they recovered the duffel bag at a baggage storage desk at the South Station bus terminal. Boston and transit officers opened the bag and found one Glock 23 semi-automatic firearm, five large capacity magazines - three of which were fully loaded, nearly 100 rounds of ammunition, a black Kevlar ballistic vest, a black neoprene ski mask and black leather tactical style gloves.

Transit officers located Goodson around 4:10 p.m. and placed him under arrest for firearm-related charges.

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