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Hi Rocco,

When you’re a small business owner and trying to save a buck,
writing your own content can seem like a good idea.

“It can’t be that hard! I’ll save lots of money!




I hate to break it to you, but writing content is not as simple
as sitting down in front of a word processor and scrounging up
800 words off the top of your head.

To be blunt, writing content isn’t even as simple as plain

To earn return-on-investment, to be profitable, content needs so
much more:

* Time
* Planning
* Effort
* Research
* SEO smarts

Can you ostensibly create this kind of content on your own – not
to mention consistently, at the highest levels of quality – and
still have time to run your business?

Maybe if you’re a super-human or a wizard with magical powers.

Maybe if you give up a social life, relaxation time, and sleep.

Enter the case for hiring a writer and outsourcing content.

It’s not only for the health of your business and your content’s
ROI-potential; it’s also for your sanity.

That’s why we’re discussing:

* When to outsource your content
* Why you should outsource
* And the real numbers involved, including the dollars and time
you’ll save by hiring a writer (because time = money)

To begin, here’s the first question we’ll answer: When should you
start outsourcing your content?

Spoiler alert: The answer is right now.

Allow me to prove that to you in today's new post on the Write

Outsourcing Your Content: The Risks and the Remarkable Rewards (
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Happy content marketing,

Julia McCoy

CEO, Express Writers

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