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Post : Even the ‘dead of winter’ doesn’t keep Winnipeggers indoors
URL : http://globalnews.ca/news/3963701/even-the-dead-of-winter-doesnt-keep-winnipeggers-indoors/
Posted : January 13, 2018 at 5:39 pm
Author : Timm Bruch
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While plunging temperatures often push others indoors, in Winnipeg it is a different story. Especially on Saturday.

Temperatures dropped as low as -40 C with the windchill, but that didn't stop Manitobans from getting outside and enjoying everything winter had to offer.

People across the city headed to Fort Whyte Alive for free snowshoeing on Saturday, surrounded by those taking advantage of the park's trails on skis, sleds and snow boots.

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"It's sunny and it's beautiful," said one hiker. "You just have to dress for it."

According to Environment Canada, Saturday officially marked the dead of winter. Dave Phillips, who is a Senior Climatologist, said it marks a "magic moment".

"This is the halfway point where you can actually say there is more winter behind you than in front of you," Phillips said. "Cheer to the fact that you've survived the first half of winter and some tough weather...you can probably survive whatever else mother nature [throws] your way.

> "You've already seen it all," Phillips said. "It can't get much worse than it has in terms of cold."

On the opposite side of Winnipeg, dozens of spongee players hit the ice to compete in a slightly less slippery version of hockey.

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"It was -39 when I woke up," one player said. "It was chilly getting here but once you get a couple shifts in you, you're good to go.

> "Let's embrace the cold. It's not Winnipeg if it's not like this."

The weather looks to stay frigid throughout Sunday and Monday. Snow and a windchill of -37 C is expected Sunday morning, but things start to warm up again on Tuesday.

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