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Dear Provide Support Customer,

On January 06, 2018 you signed up for a 10-day free trial
at ProvideSupport.com with the account name "ray72q0095645587".

We would like to thank you for testing our live chat solution
and would be happy to share a few links with you to help you
customize your live chat, so that it matches your website design
and represents your brand.

How to customize your live chat

First, and the most important part is, you can brand your messenger
window with your Company Logo by uploading it to Images page:

At the same page you can also upload your custom Chat Icons,
or choose different images from those we offer in our Gallery:

You can add some personal touch to your chat messenger by adding
Operator Picture and Greeting, as well as changing default Operator Nickname -
click Edit next to your profile on Operators and Departments page:

You can redesign your Start Chat
and Offline (https://admin.providesupport.com/view/my-account/company/update/leave-message-form/leave-message-form-fields)
forms by adding or removing fields from them and changing the field properties.
This allows you to collect additional information about your customers
using the live chat tool.

These are a few basic things you may want to start with.
Other customizations are also available. If you experience difficulties
locating the necessary setting in the Control Panel, please check our
User Manual (https://www.providesupport.com/manual/) and feel free to contact us
on our chat support line. We are ready to help you 24/7.

How to subscribe

Your free trial period expires in 5 days, on January 16, 2018.

If you are happy with the trial and would like to subscribe,
you can review our subscription plans and submit payment
for the selected plan under Purchase tab in your Control Panel.
Click here to log in: https://www.providesupport.com/ray72q0095645587

Account Name: ray72q0095645587
Password: <<your account password>>

If you don't remember your account password,
you can request a recovery to your email at

After subscribing, you will not need to update the live chat code
on your website, or make any other adjustments to your account.
All your trial settings will be kept.

Thank you for using Provide Support!

Your Provide Support Team
Nationwide Toll Free: 1-877-373-7709
New York, NY: 1-646-472-5881


Check our User Manual: https://www.providesupport.com/manual/

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