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Global limit agreed for greenhouse gas emissions from shipping ( https://sable.madmimi.com/c/21555?id=1293889.23257.1.873d6b1208e8bafc0d6863df16e99da0 )

Nations meeting at the United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London in early April voted to place a cap on the greenhouse gas emissions permissible from ships.

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New Zealand places ban on all new offshore oil and gas exploration ( https://sable.madmimi.com/c/21555?id=1293889.23259.1.2bd1ac43f0a45de308084524963bf800 )

New Zealand’s government announced on 12 April a ban on all new offshore oil and gas exploration, a decision hailed by Greenpeace as “a historic climate win that’s come after seven years of growing public protests.”

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Study highlights threat from pharmaceuticals in the world’s rivers ( https://sable.madmimi.com/c/21555?id=1293889.23261.1.062d00ce48f1fd51e96f0414a09c38a6 )

Pharmaceutical drugs are present in rivers and waterways around the world, at levels that present a danger to wildlife, and which are continuing to increase at levels that should cause concern.

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Supermarket’s move to ban palm oil products: understandable but possibly misguided ( https://sable.madmimi.com/c/21555?id=1293889.23263.1.6cbdaeddd9ed27877e6a376fc2b5826d )

Responding to the news that Iceland is banning palm oil from its own brand products, Dr Jake Bicknell and Dr Matthew Struebig argue that the plan could backfire.

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CBI report highlights importance of getting EU rules right for technology and creative sectors ( https://sable.madmimi.com/c/21555?id=1293889.23265.1.f8ef58c4e7e0d19fbc7f520e6c8f496a )

CBI seeks to inform Brexit negotiations by outlining where British businesses want to stay close to EU rules and where they want divergence.

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Arid cities must rethink planning and design to remain viable, says report ( https://sable.madmimi.com/c/21555?id=1293889.23267.1.22f8e1818aa98df99d8e25ae9e7e8c65 )

Built environment consultancy Arup is calling on arid cities to move on from a 1950s paradigm of city planning and design, or face becoming increasingly less habitable as they become drier.

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Solar hydrogen breakthrough at Heriot-Watt University ( https://sable.madmimi.com/c/21555?id=1293889.23269.1.222e5c857522aed0fd0fe5527e583267 )

Scientists at Heriot-Watt University are tackling the challenge of producing hydrogen from sunlight, an undertaking traditionally beset by high cost and low efficiency.

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