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Okay, so rosariopulido some days ago I emailed you my Career Search Rx
(CSRx) Pre-Interview Research Tracker as a thank you for subscribing to my
blog, HR by Nnamtique.

Well, guess what? Five modules of this awesome system just went live and I
wanted to share a quick story today to show you just how powerful this
system can be when you use it right.

Check it out for $14.99 Now!

“You know that most people identify very strongly with what they do for a
living to support their families…

When you meet someone new, one of the first things they ask you is, “What
do you do?”


You name it, it pays the bills, contributes to our retirement savings, buys
some nice toys. (And we flaunt it.)

One thing you don’t hear about often is anyone giving up their career
search secrets that they’ve worked so long and hard on.

Especially if it their career field is ultra-competitive and pays a nice
salary. They often think, I figured it out, now it’s your turn…

But that’s EXACTLY what I’ve done as an HR professional…

See I’ve developed a comprehensive career search course, based on my 26+
years of experience in Human Resources, and have decided to give the first
lesson away for free… (crazy, right?)

And the reason WHY I’m giving it away will probably shock you…

And the person who follows my proven steps to a “T”?

Well… s/he will enjoy career search success.

(Yeah. I told you it was shocking)

So… why am I doing this? How on earth could that be a smart move?

What’s REALLY crazy is, I’ll readily tell you that I’m not worried AT ALL
about losing my competitive edge amongst other career searchers….

I want you to enjoy the career search success that I have…

Why? Because I have seen this documented method work so many times before,
that it isn’t even a gamble.

*Imagine having the confidence to do that*… *to just give away industry
secrets that will increase the competition amongst career searchers*… *because
I KNOW it will make you a career search NINJA in pretty short order…*

How do you feel about that?

You can learn exactly how I figured all this out when you take advantage of
Lesson 1 for free and get the other two lessons in Module 1 for free.

Get Your Limited-Time Special Offer with free video and workbook

Oh, and to prove that everything I’m saying is 100% true, just a year ago,
I landed not one, but two, awesome job offers. That’s right! I had to
choose between two management career opportunities in my career field of
choice, with two great organizations. One was in the private sector with
an international organization, the other was with a public-sector agency. This
process works people!

Pretty cool, huh?

The craziest part is… It works for ANY job searcher in ANY industry!

Yeah. That’s what’s possible when you set a *solid foundation* for your
career search success…

And then execute in a smart way.

Check out CSRx Module 1 for $14.99 Now!

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