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Tues June 15, 2018 VOT Update-VA (Executive)




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Change is Good !

Great question last week.

"I have loads of experience in this role, but all in brick and mortar companies, with a fairly diverse background, and it's time for a change in location to the home, how do I convey my strengths in this new role?"

That's a great question that many people who go through a major career change struggle with. There's all this experience you've accumulated in previous chapters through challenges that might seem out of context in your new direction.

My guess is that to have excelled in this role you must already be great at:

- Understanding the needs and wants of your clients
- Delivering a valuable work product and service
- Routinely exceeding your client's expectations

The good news is: Those are universally desirable qualities, which means you shouldn't struggle to prove your value in your new industry. Your work ethic, attention to detail, and relationship management will make sure of that.


Good Luck!  ~~~ Mary


FEATURED PROJECT: Super Moderators $20.00 per hour


OPENINGS: Multiple

HOURS: Part time, and F/T hours


Super Moderators are the voice of the company or product externally and the voice of the customers internally. The value lies in the Super Moderator assisting the Community team in serving as a hub, and his/her ability to personally connect with the customers to humanize games, increase user retention, 

Required Skills: Experience with collaborative services ( eg. Slack) or apps to create, send and track email marketing campaigns. Previous online community participation and understanding is a must. 

Must be available to work 40 hours per week 

Additional information: Ability to work from home from anywhere in the US or US territory. 

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FEATURED PROJECT: Text Chat Agents $14.50 hr.


OPENINGS: Multiple

HOURS: Part time, and F/T hours


We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you can choose the hours that suit you. You’ll enjoy working from home as much or as little as you like. All we ask is that you commit to sending at least 2000 messages per month – It’s that easy!

Our expert team of operators enjoy texting work from home providing premium rate SMS text and specialised services including: friend chat, Tarot, support, adult chat, clean adult chat,

Learn More and Apply Now



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Financial Assistants $ $13 an hour

Medical Data Entry/ CSR


Tech Help Desk-Will Train

VIRTUAL Admin Financial Services-Salaried

Remote Live Office Agents $14.00 an hour

Data Typists and Transcribers

Remote Medical Billing Specialist-$15.00 Hr.

Executive Assistants- $15 per hour

Medical Administration-With Training $13 an hour


 Good luck!


Mary - VOT Virtual Assistants


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