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**DailyWorth community** is over one million women strong and growing.

Welcome to our community, our movement, and a power-packed financial
guide that will positively change your life.

I'm Amanda Steinberg, founder and CEO of DailyWorth.

**Here is my personal promise to you.**

Everything you'll find in the DailyWorth community is focused on...

****Helping smart women fulfill their potential while learning
everything they need to know about money and business.****

****Pretty simple, right? Funny thing is, it didn't start that way.

It began back in 2009. I was fascinated with money and wanted to take
control of my finances, but everything I read from personal finance
experts felt needlessly complicated. 

I knew that two-thirds of women control the household finances, so why
was most substantive financial advice full of industry jargon that
catered to men?

It seemed like the purpose of financial news was to frighten people into
thinking they needed an economics degree to manage their money.

That's when I decided to build what I was looking for, but couldn't
find: a financial advice platform that was honest and authentic about

**actually** has a financial impact on our lives.

**(True fact: I hit "Send" on one of the first DailyWorth newsletters
from a hospital bed prior to being induced to deliver my second

Ever since then, DailyWorth has been dedicated to delivering
high-impact, quick-to-grasp tips to help you earn, save and invest with

**But building DailyWorth has been tough at times.**

I had this big idea and a passion to help women... so big, that I went
out to raise investment capital in order to accelerate its growth.

And when I first pitched venture capitalists, I got rejected.

They told me, "

**Women don't care about managing money, they just want to spend

**Another VC asked me, "Amanda, don't you just want to be taken care

My heart sank. They didn't get it. I felt defeated.

Obviously, I overcame their rejections... but HOW I did it will inspire

And trust me, it wasn't easy.

Tomorrow I am going to send you to a site where you can find out your
personal money motivations. The results will give you insights into
how you think about and manage money.  

**In the meantime, here's what you're going to get from DailyWorth:**

Every day, we send you power-packed articles about money, investing,
career, and entrepreneurship.

To get the most out of the DailyWorth community, I suggest you take
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**biggest financial struggle**. I read all my emails. It's important to
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looking for.

Thank you again for joining, and welcome to the DailyWorth community!


**Amanda Steinberg**

**Founder, DailyWorth**

**P.S. - I'm serious about reading your emails by the way. I'd love to
hear your biggest financial struggle! We get such a huge volume I can't
reply to every one, but I definitely read them.**

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