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This treatment can save me but please I need your help!

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טייערע הארציגע אידישע ברידער
My honorable brethren,

I am a mother of children who is very ill. It all started a few years ago. I had a simple virus, and my body went into septic shock. All my organs shut down; I was not amongst the living. I miraculously survived, B"H. But my life since then has been anything but simple.

The past few years, I went through more than a dozen surgeries, And it so happened that every surgery came with complications. if there were awards for people with the most physical pain, I would come in first place with flying colors. I’ve suffered two strokes and spent almost 2 ½ months in rehab. I have spent a few summers in the hospital and in rehabs, while there I was unable to give my children the love they so much needed. Just this Winter I spent 6 weeks away from my family in another treatment.

Now, I go every week for outpatient therapy. I am constantly in pain, and sometimes I feel that my middle name is "Pain." My husband helps me in every way he can, takes care of our children, take me to doctor’s appointment, and works in a retail store trying to make ends meet. However, because of him taking off so much time from work, he does not bring home as much.
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I am currently waiting for a procedure to be done at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, which is not covered at all, and they won't see me before paying $9500.00. And just recently {04/09/2018} after some test done by my doctor he scheduled me for a 8 hour surgery on my stomach. The bills have kept piling up throughout the years, a mountain which I have no idea how we'll scale. And unfortunately I can’t sleep at night... or I cry myself to sleep. Being disabled in a wheelchair making it unbearable to cope. There are times that we can't put food on the table to feed our children, pay utility bills, rent & tuition, because all the money is going to my medical expenses. We still have so many old bills to pay. {more then $70,000.00} My husband runs from Gemach to Gemach to pay debts, and just recently took out a big loan that we have to pay back very soon.

We are collapsing from all this pressure and our children are suffering greatly. Anyone who donates to this campaign will not only be saving my life, but our children's as well, you'll be giving them back their futures!

Please have an open hand and heart and help us. In return, may Hashem, in His infinite mercy, bless you all with life, health, and every kindness and may you always be Zoche to be on the giving end!

please be so kind and share this campaign with family and friends.

Tizku l’mitzvos!


דער אייבערשטער זאל העלפן אז אין זכות פון די מצוה זאלט איר געבענטשט ווערן בכל מילי דמיטב נחת דקדושה ביי אייערע קינדער געזונטערהייט באין מחסור כל, אמן

ואני תפילה, שבשכר המצווה הגדולה תזכו לשפע ברכה והצלחה, ולגדל צאצאיכם לתורה ולחופה ולמעשים טובים מתוך נחת והרחבת הדעת, ולחיים טובים ארוכים ומתוקנים בבריאות הגוף והנפש, ולכל הברכות והישועות והנחמות, עדי נזכה לביאת גואלנו ושמחת עולם על ראשינו בב"א
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