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Hi there,
I wanted to be sure that you saw our summer flash sale on all OR Manager books and special reports. The 30% discount expires June 30 so order your resources now!
To see all books and special reports available, click here. Be sure to use discount code SUMMER18 during check out online to save 30%.
Cara Falco
Marketing Associate
OR Manager

From: OR Manager <ormanager@email.ormanager.com>
Date: Friday, June 8, 2018
To: Cara Falco
Subject: Summer Flash Sale!

The OR Manager store provides imperative resources for directors and surgical managers of surgical suites in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. Stay in tune with important industry information this summer and enjoy this exclusive flash sale offer to receive your books and special reports for 30% off! Some of our most popular books and special reports on this summer’s reading list include:
Dollars and Sense: Using Data-Driven Business Models to Boost the Bottom Line Best Practices to Optimize Postoperative Recovery Materials Management in the OR, Second Edition Special Report: Surgical Site Infections [Download] And more! To see all books and special reports available, click here. Be sure to use discount code SUMMER18 during check out online to save 30%!
The Summer Flash Sale ends June 30!

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