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Secrets of Successful Test Prep Revealed 

** Don’t Let Admission Tests Stand in Your Way!
Secrets of Successful Test Prep Revealed:
1. Don’t procrastinate!
You probably rolled your eyes when you read that one, remembering the zillion times you heard those same words from your teacher. But seriously, the earlier you start, the more of a grasp you have on your material, and the more confident you are on your exam. Try setting aside 30 minutes each day to study for that test! Believe me, 30 minutes each day will feel a lot better than trying to cram for 5 hours the night before.

2. KNOW your test.
They are called Standardized Tests for a reason. Yes, they change the test up a bit every year, but the structure and content is essentially the same. Know what vocabulary and material to study, and look up how your exam is scored. Maybe they put more emphasis on the essay portion, or maybe on the multiple choice. Knowing what to study will save you oodles of time.

3. Practice, practice, practice, practice, oh and…...practice.
Did you get the message yet? For standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, TJHSST, and more, there are millions of practice tests available online for you to take advantage of. Choose a few, sit down without any distractions (hard to believe, but you can live without your phone for 3 hours), and practice taking the test in the time limit. Each test gives you a certain amount of time to answer a certain amount of questions, so the better you are at managing that time, the better off you’ll be on the exam.

Admission tests do seem daunting. But they are nothing more than assessments of your readiness and ability to take on whatever is beyond that test’s doors. So go on and show them what you’re made of! There’s nothing that practice, discipline, and your own wonderful self can’t accomplish.

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