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Unconventional work is making a comeback |


**When Side Gigs Become a Necessity**

The gig economy is here to stay: According to a new report from Upwork
and the Freelancers Union, America's freelance workforce has grown
three times faster than the overall workforce since 2014, and
freelancers are expected to comprise the majority of the U.S. workforce
in ten years. On-demand gigs for companies like Lyft and TaskRabbit have
also taken off-workers spend an average of 11 hours per week and bring
in a quarter of their income from these jobs.

Though many workers take on a side hustles by choice rather than out of
necessity, some do so to stay afloat while searching for a more
supportive or stable job.

"Side gigs become necessary when cutting expenses alone won't make
ends meet or won't result in the savings rate that matches your
goals," says Lyn Alden, founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy. "In
those cases, you need to increase your income as well - either by
attaining a higher income in your primary job or by earning income with
a side gig."

Here are a few of the reasons freelance work or a side hustle may be
helpful or even necessary when it comes to covering your expenses and
preparing for your financial future.

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