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Dear Delmar,

Your inductee account has been created, but in order to apply for scholarships and receive member benefits you must activate your account. Accepting this distinction connects you with like-minded high achievers, both in person and through our society's web portal. The upcoming deadline to apply for scholarships and activate membership is June 12, 2018.

Delmar Reid - Activate your Honor Society Membership:

Featured Privileges

Exclusive Scholarship Listings

Free Access to Career Insider Guide books and tools by Vault.com (up to $1,000 value)

Dental, Vision and Hearing Health Discount Plans valid at 200,000 access points nationwide

Honor Society regalia - honor cords & tassels

Dining discounts at 18,000 restaurant nationwide

Delmar Reid - Activate your Honor Society Membership:

The deadline to activate membership is approaching.

Graduation Regalia & Honor Cords
Honor Society regalia is available exclusively for Honor Society members. Display your recognition and member standing with the double stranded royal blue and gold themed honor cords, stoles and medallions of Honor Society on your graduation day, or for a keepsake.

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The Honor Society Advantage
Scholarships | Internship & Job Opportunities | Exclusive Privileges | Recognition | Networking

Induction Ceremony with LA Mayor
Honor Society speakers discuss leadership, global awareness, and civic responsibility at the Honor Society member ceremony.

Honor Society Health Discount Plan
Through our partnership with Careington, HonorSociety.org active members enjoy discounts on dental, vision, hearing, LASIK vision correction and more!

Washington DC Member Trip Recap
View highlights from Honor Society members in DC for 5 days of fun, networking, and memorable experiences.

Honor Society is the preeminent organization dedicated to recognition of student success, and to empowering students to achieve. Our mission is to facilitate members to realize their highest potential through the advancement of academics, leadership and networking.
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Honor Society - A Tradition of Success.
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