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Dear Manager,
Well noted you are professional in auto industry, are you interested in keep competitive in your market, increasing your net profit and attractive more business? KICAPO Car Matcher can help you!
Car Matcher can improve engine power 20-30% and no need change any parts, circuit or original data etc.,Fuel saving more than 10%, more economically and difference with other car sale store,Reduce emission and clean the carbon deposition in engine module, saving more maintetance fee for you,Applied to all the 12V and 24V electric devices, whether diesel, petrol or natural gas vehicles,Extend the lifetime of vehicle, such as engine module, battery, EGR, TWC and other electric appliance, your customer more satisfy your product and service,Upgrade the performanc of vehicle, let you get a better sale price and earn more money.
For more information and details please contact us by Whatsapp, Skype or Viber at +86 138 7319 2942.KICAPO Car Matcher recruit agents around the world, hope we have the opportunity to cooperate with you!
Best regards
Lotus CHANMob.: +86 138 7319 2942