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**Why did the scarecrow win an award?**

**Because he was outstanding in his field.**

Father's Day is just a few days away! Are you ready? Haven't started shopping yet? No problem - we've got you covered! Over on our Father's Day page ( https://sable.madmimi.com/c/17474?id=101242.3259.1.c173e83987640641d05108d369450ff3 ) you'll find links to free printable gift ideas, cute but manly treat ideas, free printable dad jokes and more!



How To Access the Monthly Freebies

Each month we create a free printable that is exclusive to newsletter subscribers. Previous freebies have included:

\* Tooth Fairy Printables

\* Easter Bunny Bags

\* Pool Party Printables

\* BBQ Party Printables

...plus many more!

To access and print the freebies, visit this page ( https://sable.madmimi.com/c/17474?id=101242.3264.1.a52f1a2df74497be7459058012086b16 ).

Remember, the secret password is: **FreeFamilyFun**

We want to know what freebies **YOU** want to see! Planning a party and need some printable party supplies? Looking for something special for the next holiday? Contact us on any of our social media channels (listed below) and let us know what you want to see.

In honour of Father's Day, let me leave you with a dad joke...

**Why couldn't the bicycle stand up by itself? It was two tired.**

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