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Beating the Travel Bug & Innovation in Hand Sanitation: Interview with Zoono CSO Dr. Andrew Alexander

[Beating the Travel Bug & Innovation in Hand Sanitation: Interview with Zoono CSO Dr. Andrew Alexander](https://www.medgadget.com?mailpoet_router&endpoint=track&action=click&data=WyIyNTgzOSIsIjU4MjFmYiIsIjM0MSIsImY4YWEwZTM4ZDY1MCIsZmFsc2Vd)

Categories: Exclusive, Medicine, Public Health

While flu season is drawing to a close, transmission of germs can still lead to colds and serious respiratory diseases. In few places are individuals more exposed to a multitude of unique germs and germ carriers than during travel. Unlike some forms of travel, such as buses, where an individual can choose to get off the vehicle or find an …

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Hannes Italian Prosthetic Hand Offers Exciting New Capabilities at Lower Price

[Hannes Italian Prosthetic Hand Offers Exciting New Capabilities at Lower Price](https://www.medgadget.com?mailpoet_router&endpoint=track&action=click&data=WyIyNTgzOSIsIjU4MjFmYiIsIjM0MSIsImIzMmY1MDkyOTMxNiIsZmFsc2Vd)

Categories: Rehab

Engineers from the Italian Institute of Technology and Italy's National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (INAIL) have unveiled a prosthetic hand that they claim "gives the patient approximately 90% functionality of a natural hand." The Hannes was designed to lower the price of advanced powered prostheses, while having a long battery life, a strong grip, and manipulation of individual …

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Robot Learns How to Dress People Through Computer Simulations

[Robot Learns How to Dress People Through Computer Simulations](https://www.medgadget.com?mailpoet_router&endpoint=track&action=click&data=WyIyNTgzOSIsIjU4MjFmYiIsIjM0MSIsImM4ZDdjMGNmMWY5OCIsZmFsc2Vd)

Categories: Geriatrics, Rehab

Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a technique that allowed a robot to teach itself to pull a hospital gown onto someone’s arm. By analyzing nearly 11,000 computer simulations of the procedure, the robot learned how to successfully pull the gown over an arm without imparting dangerous forces. The technique could lead to robotic systems that can help to dress …

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Brain-Computer Interfaces Work Best When Users and Computers Learn from Each Other

[Brain-Computer Interfaces Work Best When Users and Computers Learn from Each Other](https://www.medgadget.com?mailpoet_router&endpoint=track&action=click&data=WyIyNTgzOSIsIjU4MjFmYiIsIjM0MSIsIjA4MmRjZGU3MWU0NCIsZmFsc2Vd)

Categories: Neurology, Neurosurgery, Rehab

Brain-computer interfaces (BCI), which are able to read brain activity and turn the data into real actions such as moving a wheelchair, have the potential to liberate many severely disabled people. While a lot of progress has been achieved in this field, BCIs are still extremely limited in what they're able to achieve and how well they respond to the …

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Computer Simulator Lets Docs Avoid Surgeries of Nasal Passages

[Computer Simulator Lets Docs Avoid Surgeries of Nasal Passages](https://www.medgadget.com?mailpoet_router&endpoint=track&action=click&data=WyIyNTgzOSIsIjU4MjFmYiIsIjM0MSIsImQ1YzA2ZDk0ZjAwZiIsZmFsc2Vd)

Categories: ENT

At Ohio State University clinicians are investigating how the use of a computer simulation of the nasal passage can be helpful in performing procedures to improve breathing. The simulator can replicate the fluid dynamics of air passing through and what effect small changes, performed by an ENT physician, can make on the airflow. This simulation technology may allow patients to …

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