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Are YOU ready to be awakened?

It’s a privilege to see the fruit of the Lord's work in the lives of teens who have attended Awakening Teen Camps.

We wanted to share this video of what the Lord has done during ATC's summer camps!

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Here are more testimonies of God moving through these camps:

For the first time in my entire life, I felt a really strong presence in my heart and knew that it was God. My whole life changed. Days are now filled with joy, self-confidence, light, and I feel loved and am touched by God's love. – Miranda

[Before coming to ATC] I knew Jesus’ power, but I didn’t walk in it. I didn’t let Jesus take complete control of my life. I was scared of how other people would judge me. [Now] I want to dwell with Jesus all the days of my life. All I want to do is to marvel at His beauty, then lead people to the beauty of Jesus through worship. – Seth

I feel alive now. I feel like I've been able to be who I am. I have found my identity in God. I have found out who I am, and I'm not afraid to be myself. – Anna

It’s truly a glorious privilege to watch young people change because of encountering Jesus. We hope to have your teens with us here this summer!

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JUNIOR HIGH CAMP ( https://email.ihopkc.org/2Y4D-Q23H-4AZP0V-E9DAC-0/c.aspx )
June 22–28

WORSHIP ACADEMY ( https://email.ihopkc.org/2Y4D-Q23H-4AZP0V-E9DAD-0/c.aspx )
July 10–18

HIGH SCHOOL CAMP ( https://email.ihopkc.org/2Y4D-Q23H-4AZP0V-E9DAE-0/c.aspx )
July 21–29

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